Welcome to Lighthouse Financial Services

Lighthouse Financial Services, Inc., (LFS) is registered with the SEC and has been providing high quality, comprehensive Wealth Management and Investment Management services on a "fee-only" platform since 1992.

We believe that investment management and wealth management are equally important to high net worth investors. These components for financial success are integrally connected and should be analyzed with the understanding that long-term success depends on how well we manage both components.

Because of this, our clients experience a level of personal attention and interaction that is unparalleled by any of the big box brokerages on Wall Street. We have guided our clients through successes and adversities, up market and down market cycles, while at the same time applying our time-tested investment decision process that emphasizes strategic asset allocations for each phase of the investment business cycle. Simply put, we actively seek to grow and protect your wealth over the long run. Our team of knowledgeable specialists will work with you to achieve your financial goals.

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